Jeff "Surge" Berg...

Husband, Dad, Associate, Facilitator, Ambassador, Business Owner, Leadership Coach, Speaker, Pastor, Cop… Laird!!


For the past twenty years, "Don't Die Wonderin’" (DDW) has become the way I live my life daily.  The early years consisted of playing college football, singing, as well as, co-founding a big event series called 'Surge.'  After finishing my Bachelor's in History & Political Science, I finished accelerated seminary and earned a Master's degree in Youth & Family.  A decade of vocational ministry later, I left to take a position as the Leadership Coach for a local high school and also became a reserve Police Officer.  More recently, I have been training managers and supervisors for the largest retailer in the world (Walmart) and can also be found presenting and speaking to thousands at a Surge Leadership™ event throughout the country!  

Discipline of self, Integrity of heart, Sacrifice in hands and Courage through feet are the principles I choose to live out each day.  And yes, on my 30th birthday I received a 10" by 10" piece of land in Scotland making me in fact a Laird.  D.D.W. my friends!

Surge Leadership™ is dedicated to inspire and create a positive and powerful movement.  We dream of ways to impact students, parents, teachers and coaches around the country.  Here are a few of the things we do most often: 

  • Facilitating conversations with business professionals: Daily360: Every Step Matters

  • Presenting ways to rethink social media: '#Selfie’ (Students) and ‘R.E.A.L. Life’ (Adults)

  • Training leaders, coaches and athletes: ‘DISC Leadership: Next Level Living

  • Leading workshops for parents and educators: '10 Things YOU should know about Teens'

If you are in need of a creative communicator look no further... Contact us and let's get started!!

Impacting Tomorrow... Today!!