- Reevaluate Your Personal & Professional Life
- Encourage Others in All Walks of Life
- Avoid the Toxic at All Cost
- Limit the Distractions in Your Life
**Geared towards Business Professionals


Daily 360

- Stage One: Get Your Head Right
- Stage Two: Encourage Your Staff
- Stage Three: Serve Your Customers
- Stage Four: Prepare to Be Home
**Geared towards Business Professionals



- What’s New… The Rules Have Changed
- Ways Social Media Affects You
- “Facebook Depression”
- How to Have a “Healthy Selfie”
**Geared towards High School Students

10 Things .jpg

10 Things…

- Bullying & Harmful Behaviors
- Cell Phones & Social Networks
- Dating, Sex & Pornography
- Movies & Music
- Drugs & Alcohol
**Geared towards Parents & Educators

Other projects…

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RISE Together

A video and audio podcast “for associates, by associates.” Each week we spend time discussing our core values and how we must choose to live them out every single day: Respect, Integrity, Service & Excellence.

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The Spartan code®

Company focused on rediscovering ancient principles for a modern culture. Through the Modern Day Agoge™ individuals can literally change their life and learn to live to the fullest.


Bixby Public School

DISC was a High School leadership curriculum created originally for the 6A ‘14, ‘15, ‘16 & ‘18 state champion Bixby football team, now being used across all Bixby Athletic programs.